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News Update 20-11-2022

We are pleased to tell you that we have someone interested in taking over our little family business, so hopefully ZestStreet will continue for many years to come.......

PactUK CAPTURED CURL POTION - long awaited arrival - now available to purchase!!!!

Larger size litre bottles with pumps now available in both Pure Elements and Color Revive shampoo and conditioners!

Larger size 80ml Pure Elements Ginseng, Cedarwood and Avocado have arrived!

Sibel hairbrushes now in stock!

Check out our new combo offers in Color Revive and Pure Elements!

Fransen professional hairdryers now available - see Hairdryers & Styling Tools!

Sibel professional skincare products now available!

All of the new Pure Elements range (in shiny amber apothecary style bottles and pots) is now available for purchase, including Ginseng and Cedarwood and Avocado and also PactUK Precision

Everything for blondes, everything for redheads and everything for brunettes! We have introduced a new colour maintenance system - Color Revive - see colour shampoos and conditioners for further information.

Thank you everybody for your patience and loyalty!

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ALL ENQUIRIES: mailus@zeststreet.co.uk

Welcome to ZestStreet - please feel free to stroll around without any obligation. We are delighted to offer you the PACT, Color Revive, Pure Elements and Sibel ranges of professional salon-focused luxury haircare and skincare products.

Our overall goal is to offer you top of the range Salon solutions but from the convenience of your home. Our unique and exclusive selection of skincare, luxury shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products are all designed to promote healthy, strong, soft and well nourished hair and skin.

We have something of appeal for all ages, sexes, and ethnic backgrounds. With a clear commitment to natural hair care, nutrition and wellness; we bring together the best that science and nature can offer.

With the unfortunate situation of PACT products no longer being produced we were delighted to discover the Pure Elements range formulated by the original PACT chemist and developed along the same lines as the Purepact range.

Both Purepact and Pure Elements promote the benefits of the combination of pure natural plant & flower extracts, 100% pure essential oils and scientifically-based ingredients. Indulging yourself with PACT and Pure Elements haircare and Sibel skincare is the ultimate eco beauty statement.

We have a strong commitment to be environmentally friendly by supplying products using the best possible ingredients from safe renewable resources containing no animal ingredients. The products we offer are not tested on animals. Whenever we can we use recycled and bio-degradable packaging for posting.

If you are in a hurry why not go straight to our 'Advice page' for suggestions on the products that may best suit your hair type.

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Top of the range luxury hair and beauty products

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The one stop shopping experience for all your hair care needs. Thanks to ZestStreet the full PACT range is now available on-line to you for use in the comfort of your own home.
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