Normal skin is evenly shaded, soft and fine without any visible pores or blemishes. Even if there are no visible skin problems, normal skin still needs care to maintain its condition and to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

Dry skin feels tight, looks flaky and appears dull. This type of skin requires products which provide a lot of moisturising and protect the skin from the sun, wind and cold.

Oily skin often shines and has enlarged pores. Alcohol-based toners and cleansers can be used on this type of skin in order to make it drier. Moisturisers and make up should be water based and powder can be used to reduce shine.


Hair is such an intrinsic part of who we are and having gorgeous tresses truly is a woman"s crowning glory. We all crave hair that is healthy, glossy and well-nourished - yet, despite our hair"s delicate composition we routinely subject our hair to significant damage from styling products, hair dyes, blow drying, straighteners and exposure to the sun.

Additionally, hair is a sign of our overall general health. Hair that is not getting enough nutrition from the foods we eat does not grow well and will not have that radiant healthy glow. By exercising, eating a balanced diet rich in Omega 3, protein and silica (most commonly found in green leafy vegetables, oats and rice) and by adhering to the recommended daily water intake this helps grow healthier hair. Additionally, water is fantastically good for the skin and our wellbeing.

The basic hair type of a person is determined by hereditary predisposition which means that your difficult hair type was just what nature gave you; but do not despair - every problem hair type can be mastered with the right haircare system by selecting haircare products with proven hair-health benefits.

Claire uses 'PACT Orange mint shampoo'

It is vitally important you are using the correct shampoos and conditioners to look after your hair; carefully choosing products suitable for your specific hair type and to enhance your hair"s condition.

If in any doubt about your hair type; always seek professional advice from your stylist who will be able to recommend a haircare regime and suitable products following an analysis of your hair"s needs.

All the advice on haircare is provided by Julie Penfold who is a journalist specialising in Health, Haircare and Beauty matters. If you have a question to put to Julie on any of these topics please visit - 'Ask Julie'

'Finding the best products for your hair type just got easier'

We offer personal advice about hair care. What we do know is that most women are looking for style and elegance. PACT products are designed with care, wellness,nutrition and fashion in mind.
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