Permenant Brazilian blow dry

We are delighted to introduce the Permanent "Brazilian" Blow Dry service in 'Both our Salons'

I was, quite willingly, the first 'guinea pig' for this treatment before Christmas and was literally quite 'blown away' by it!

My usually coarse 'horse' hair is now smooth and sleek and I can 'rough' dry my own hair in less than 10 minutes (and I have a lot of very thick hair).

It looks great, just a quick smooth over with a brush and I am salon perfect - no more frizz, no more bad hair days.


And it is not just me who is a fan, here's what the press have to say about it: The Times Magazine: The Brazilian Blow-dry defrizzes hair by coating cuticles in keratin while keeping the chemical structure intact.

The treatment takes two hours and then you can't wet your hair, put it behind your ears or wear a hair band for three days.

Not washing your mop for 72 hours is tough - but the prospect of an easier and faster blow-dry afterwards is motivation enough. Then comes the big test: a day of drizzle, the ultimate hair frizzer.

This,however, is when the Brazilian comes into its own. Raindrops just don't bother it. My hair remains shiny, smooth and straight. So, for anyone who dreams of looking more Leona Lewis than Leo Sayer, whatever the weather, it's worth it.

Evening Standard: The treatment itself is simple. Hair is first washed before being painted with a keratin-rich solution.

It is then dried completely before the product is sealed in with hot irons. You have to leave the solution in for three days, before washing it out. No cheating, otherwise it doesn't work.

I am happy to announce I am now the proud owner of silky, glossy hair that looks fabulous no matter what I do (or don't do) to it. Towel-dried it falls perfectly, with not a frizzy stray in sight; set on Velcro rollers it miraculously cascades in picture-perfect waves and stays looking great until I re-wash it. I am told the Brazilian "special effects" last for up to four months.

Daily Mail: When the treatment is over, I can hardly believe that the slick-haired creature in the mirror is me.

Jacqueline Skott