Battle of the frizz

The switch from Summer to Autumn sees hostilities resume between the weather and hair with frizzy tendencies! Cold, blustery conditions and cranked up central heating combine to deplete moisture levels leaving locks dry and unruly.

Most people suffer from a degree of frizz in their hair; this can be for several reasons. Some hair is naturally curly and frizzy, some is frizzy as result of chemical processes, hair colour or over exposure to the sun.

Another common reason for frizz is the over use of heated hairstyling appliances such as hair straighteners.

purepact organic hair care

There are many cosmetic preparations that mask the problem of frizzy hair. It is vitally important to nourish dry and frizzy hair with the highest quality natural ingredients. When dealing with frizzy hair it is important to not just focus on the surface appearance, but to think about the entire process of caring for your frizzy hair.

Tips for dealing with frizzy Hair

It is important to choose the right shampoo and conditioner treatment. For thick frizzy hair wash in warm water and massage the scalp vigorously as this will promote the healthy secretion of natural oils which can in turn render hair softer and help to eliminate unwanted volume.

Phytojoba Shampoo and PhytoJoba Mask are ideal for this type of hair. The opposite applies with fine hair, use ideal for this type of hair. The opposite applies with fine hair, use warm water, but be gentle on the scalp when massaging shampoo.

Conditioning of thick coarse hair. Conditioner treatment should be applied from roots to ends; this will help to reduce volume. On fine hair, never apply conditioner to the roots, only to the mid lengths and ends in order that body can be retained. 'Conditioners for your hair type'

For natural styling always apply PhytoDefrisant styling product for frizzy hair to soaking wet hair, allowing the best distribution of the product. Whether you are leaving your hair to dry naturally or using a blow dryer, do not rub or agitate your hair until it is completely dry; less agitation equals less volume and frizz.

Styling finer frizzy hair to achieve volume. As above, but use PhytoVolume Actif volumising product at the roots of the hair. Use a diffuser and make sure that you move your hair continuously to ensure even drying; gently massage the roots only to promote volume if required.

Smoother Styles. Apply PhytoLisse Serum product as above for different hair types. Style normally using a bristle brush or rollers. A finishing serum such as Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils can be used to dress a finished style and add extra shine.

Many people with frizzy hair do not need to shampoo their hair every day as this can add to frizz by removing natural oils. Phyto 7 applied daily can make frizzy hair both supple and lustrous.

Every head of hair is different and we all know our own hair well. The above tips are a guideline of day-to-day care. Periodically an intensive treatment, such as H"uile D"Ales can be beneficial to the overall condition of one"s hair. Phyto products will nourish your hair at each stage; the styling products will both nourish and lock in the moisturizing benefits of the cleansers and conditioners.

So why not try out 'Purepact organic hair care products' today - Caroline Yeoman - Marketing Consultant.