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Hydrate and protect - modern cosmetics are about style and performance our goal at PACT is to make high performance hair care products that live up to your standards, using the best quality ingredients and the newest technology available.

Our chemists have been able to produce a unique polymer, ideal in providing moisture retention to hair, but also to serve as a moisture reservoir. The unique mr2 complex - 'moisture retention reservoir'.

Moisture is a double-edge sword, at least as far as hair is concerned. Too much moisture in the form of humidity and the hair becomes limp or frizzy. Too little moisture, especially when its due to dryness produced by blow drying, makes hair appear lifeless and often brittle.

Hypact products impart the ability to absorb heat during blow drying, seal moisture, and prevent moisture loss from chemical services and even excessive sun exposure.

Hypact and its mr2 complex will not only prevent moisture loss from hair, but will help protect hair from high humidity conditions. Because of its specific chemistry, Hypact and mr2 are able to completely eliminate the moisture loss experienced during blow drying and chemical services.

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