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Fancy a new Colour for Autumn?

With so many celebrities changing their hair colour at the moment, we were recently asked for our advice on the best way to go about this. Over to Shyli - Lambton Place's Colour Expert!

Claire uses 'PACT Orange mint shampoo'

"I have been seeing a lot more demand for richer, deeper shades recently, with clients preferring warmer tones such as honey blondes and rich chocolates.

Taking photos into the salon of a colour is always helpful as a guide, however it is so important to consider your skin tone when dramatically changing your hair colour and do think about seeking professional advice for the best result.

I"m seeing so many clients coming into the salon at the moment with DIY colour that has gone wrong and needs rescuing.

It"s always better for the condition and shine of your hair, and more cost effective, to change colour gradually.

However, if you"re looking for a quick dramatic change then it"s very important to treat your hair well before and after having colour.

We"ve recently introduced an amazing glossing treatment in the salon, which my clients are loving.

The “Go Glossy” is a quick, long lasting service, that is fantastic either after colour, or on its own. It will leave your hair amazingly glossy, noticeably conditioned and fuller.”

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So why not try out 'Purepact organic hair care products' today - Caroline Yeoman - Marketing Consultant.