more about Purepact

Purepact is the organic and aromatherapy division of PACT.

It offers a full range of exclusive high performance professional organic haircare for you to use at home.

Created for the modern culture, the Purepact focus is dedicated to all ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds.

Purepact promotes responsible business practices that are based on a deep rooted environmental commitment. Our products are derived from safe renewable resources, contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

We provide the purest, most environmentally responsible, peak performing products for healthy living and preservation of our planet.

We use the newest, most consumer friendly chemical ingredients on the market and combine them with the purest natural ingredients. With 'Purepact' you will experience for yourself the very best of nature and science.....

purepact organic hair care

Sandalwood - moisturizing shampoo moisturizing and conditioning shampoo with 100% pure organic aloe extract.

Tea tree & spearmint - clarifying shampoo daily detoxifying shampoo with 100% pure organic thyme extract.

Wheat & oat - detangling therapy weightless protein conditioning therapy that instantly detangles with 100% pure organic wheat extract. Safe for color treated, permed and natural hair.contains 100% pure essential oils, pure plant and flower aroma nutrients and UV protectants.

Spirulina - curative balm deep intense conditioning balm with 100% pure spirulina (sea plant extract). Safe for color treated, permed and natural hair. Provides easier wet and dry hair combing.

Clove bud - thickening gel maximum hold styling gel for thick / coarse hair and demanding styles. contains 100% pure bamboo extract for extra texture and control.

Soybean - styling compound volume building spray gel with 100% pure organic soybean.

Rosewood - lifting gel medium hold styling gel with 100% organic soy.

Chamomile - foaming serum non-aerosol medium hold styling mousse with 100% pure organic chamomile extract. designed to lift and support all hairstyles.

Maple - sculpting fixative medium to firm hold fixative for pliable shaping and sculpting. versatile moisturizing style creme that is great for finishing, styling, shaping and sculpting hair.

Beesmilk - liquid pomade liquid wax spray styler for texture, control and shine. contains liquefied wax. hands-free shine wax fixative for perfect styling and finishing.

Linseed - calming potion genuine non-chemical straightener. for natural styling, leave-in for smooth curl definition and hold. easier brush glide for blow drying curly hair straight.

Avocado - shine butter natural fine oil-based finishing creme with 100% pure avocado extract. Greaseless shine fixative for perfect finishes.

Ginseng - control butter superb finishing butter for super control and matte finish. Contains rosewood, ylang ylang and 100% pure organic ginseng.

Green tea - polishing glaze liquid shine laminator for all hair types with 100% pure green tea extract. Advanced formula for blow drying and finishing on wet or dry hair.

Waterrmint - polishing spray weightless super gloss spray-on shine with 100% pure watermint extract and 100% pure lemon peel extract. superior for wet and dry hair. Exceptional for straight and curly hair.

Hibiscus - working spray medium hold hairspray with 100% pure hibiscus extract. Advanced long lasting hold for all day support. pH balance 4.5 - 5.5. safe for color treated, permed and fine hair.

Lime blossom - finishing spray firm hold finishing hairspray with 100% pure organic lime blossom. Advanced long lasting hold for all day support.

Take a look at the latest - 'Article on the facts about Organic hair products' written by Caroline Yeoman - Marketing Consultant.

'Complete organic hair care at home just got easier'.

We provide the purest most environmentally responsible, peak performing products. High performance professional organic hair care for you to use at home. Dedicated to all ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds.
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