Winter hair care

Winter weather hair care tips:

During the winter months, many people have dry, dull, brittle, or hair. The tips below will help you keep your hair healthier during the winter months.

Do not shampoo your hair too often: One of the most common mistakes people make is shampooing their hair too often. In cold weather, both the hair and scalp dry out more easily. The frequency of shampooing should be reduced during winter. This would mean that if you generally shampoo your hair every day, you will now have to shampoo it only every other day, Shampoo in warm or cool water.

Condition well:

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One of the main problems with winter is that it can strip the hair of moisture. It's therefore vital to use hair care products which will replenish that moisture and a good conditioner is the best place to start. Along with using the right type of moisturising conditioner for your hair, treat your hair with an intensive conditioning treatment twice a week. For best results, apply the conditioner and wrap your hair in a towel for ten minutes - this creates a humid environment, allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair properly.

Use the right type of products:

The type of products you use on your hair will make a big difference in the overall health of your hair. Check with our product pages and our 'Advice page' to see type of product is best for your hair type. Dealing with Static,an easy way to combat static is to spray a small amount of hair spray on your hairbrush when you"ve finished styling and brush it through.

Do not overuse your hairdryer:

Overusing your hairdryer will contribute to dry damaged hair. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible. When you use your hairdryer, try using the 'cool' setting. Drying your hair with cool air may take a little longer but it will do less damage to your hair.

How to treat dry and brittle hair:

A leave-in conditioner will work wonders for dry and brittle hair. Other tips include wear a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from the cold and wind, limit your use of curling irons/straigteners. Once you have your hair moist, lock in the moisture by running your hair through cold water, this will also give your hair an extra shine. Don't go outside with your hair wet, you risk breakage; your hair will freeze if it's cold enough outside and may break.

Debbie Wright - Marketing